Unwind with Watercolor: Paint a Dotted Flower with Mindfulness


Need a quick stress-buster with a little bit of floral fun?

I get it, life can feel chaotic at times! That's why I BELIEVE a few minutes of mindful art can center us and soothe our souls <3  In this 3-minute video watch as I demonstrate how to create a watercolor flower using simple dots. This calming exercise is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.

And if you are a recovering perfectionist like me - no need to worry too much about the outcome. Mindful art isn't about creating a gallery-worthy masterpiece.

It's about using paint, color, and simple techniques like dots to quiet your mind and focus on the present moment.

This type of art journaling can be a wonderful tool for stress relief and building creative confidence! 

Enjoy and if you loved this flower painting exercise, come join us at the Peaceful Painting Club! I'll guide you through more calming watercolor and mixed media explorations to help you tap into the power of creative mindfulness. 


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