Paint With Me: Under the Sea Mixed Media Mindful Art Painting with Acrylic Ink

mixed media
Mixed Media Mindful Art Painting Session

Woo, it's DONE!

I *finally* set up a YouTube channel for the Peaceful Painting Club so you can check out small snippets of classes, art supply demos, painting tutorials, and other fun free content!

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This throwback video is from fairly early on in my art practice.

I was painting most of the day away as I was homebound after getting fairly sick after a voluntary surgery.

That was the catalyst to me starting a daily painting practice for healing, grieving, meditation, mindfulness, and FUN... here I am experimenting with acrylic ink, water soluble Neocolor II crayons, acryl gouache, watercolors, micron pens, posca pens, and much more.

You can find most of this on my Amazon shop if you're curious or get my art supply guide here.

I'm grateful for how I started my art practice because even though it came from a dark depression, grief, and a lot of huge life changes, illnesses, etc... starting it without much knowledge and exploring it without expectation was truly a gift, especially as a Type A / INTJ / Enneagram 1 / recovering perfectionist!

Can you relate to that at all? Let me know in the video comments over on YouTube!

Looking back I see a lot of things I'd change about the actual outcome of this piece IF I were painting it to look good, but I wasn't.

I was simply painting because painting helped me process and heal and stay present in reality when the world felt very chaotic.

This video is sped up about 3-4x - the original practice was about an hour and ten minutes.

Enjoy a relaxing painting session!